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Buchi cans of Legacy and Sovereign

Wholesale Benefits

Our wholesale partners include

"We have enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership with Buchi at the Laughing Seed! Great product, prompt communication and delivery: always a winning combo!"

Britt Vaden, FOH Manager
Laughing Seed

"We love working with Buchi! Their customer service is amazing, and their product is always consistent. Our deliveries are always on time and if we ever need to get a hold of anyone, there is always someone to talk to. Of all the vendors I’ve worked with, they are by far the best!"

Malia Parris, General Manager
Innovation Brewing
Buchi Mamas Sarah and Jeannine crafting Buchi in a kitchen.
Our Story
Locally Made in the Mountains of Appalachia

From a small kitchen in Asheville, NC to the first commercial kombucha brewery in the Southeast, learn about Buchi's story.

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Method Matters

We're one of the only fermented beverage brands to follow the ancient method of open-air fermentation. Our drinks are raw, unpasteurized and full of live & active cultures.

Buchi is 100% raw & unpasteurized. The real benefits of drinking fermented, living drinks can only be found in the raw, unpasteurized variety—meaning the good bacteria remains alive and thriving, maintaining its probiotic goodness.

Following in the footsteps of our ancestors we ferment our drinks using a traditional method of open-air (lambic) fermentation. This method allows all the beneficial wild yeast and bacteria to make their way into our living drinks, creating more diverse, healthier microbes that are better for you and your gut!

There are some brands that only have one yeast and bacteria, but ours is a true symbiotic colony (a robust, diverse, ecosystem) of bacteria and yeast which leads to stronger and healthier microbes. This is why we still ferment our drinks traditionally through open-air fermentation.

Ingredients Sourced with Intention

We vet and validate each supplier we work with, giving preference to those that meet robust third-party social and environmental criteria.

Crafted with Regenerative Sugar

Our Sugar supplier has the only closed-loop sugarcane process in the world and is carbon neutral.

Acting with Purposeful Intention

"Doing good” is a core part of our identity, and as a result, our company can act purposefully at all states of decision making — balancing transparency and taking deliberate action to be an agent of positive impact for our planet, our people, and our community (you!)