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October's Hunter's Moon Reflection

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This is a time of abundance. The deer who feasted throughout the summer in preparation for winter, are well-nourished, their antlers strong and full grown. They sense the ripeness of the waning days, and follow them to the rut where they will pass the richness they’ve enjoyed to their offspring. Embrace the plenteousness of the season and revel in its comfort. What abundance in your life is bringing you gratitude?


Prepare a sacred floral bath. Add cleansing herbs, such as Damiana, Jasmine, White Sage, and Yarrow. As you submerge in the water charged from the full moon, allow the vibrational energy to rejuvenate and protect you.


You did not know
How wild ducks’ wings Itch at dawn...
How at dawn the necks of wild ducks
Arch to the sun
And new-mown air
Trickles sweet in their gullets.

- Lola Ridge, “Wild Duck”

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