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Portraits of Our Partners: Liberty House Cafe

Pin on Pinterest Portraits of Our Partners: Liberty House Cafe

Purveyor of fine breakfast fare from local roasters and farmers - growing with our community and garden.

Props to our partner, Liberty House Café, a quaint bungalow tucked into a half-acre of urban garden just north of downtown Asheville. The garden beds appear mostly dormant now, but in spring and summer they’re abundant with tomatoes, greens, squashes, carrots, and okra; herbs thrive, and apple and plum trees drop flowers and fruit from season to season. Not only does the bounty of the garden provide ingredients for the seasonally-inspired menu at Liberty House Café, it offers a living reminder of the café’s deeper mission - to create a neighborhood spot where guests can gather, celebrate, share, and be truly fed.

Sydney Beverly and her husband, David, took the wheel at Liberty House Café in early March - just in time to meet the Covid-19 pandemic head-on. With determination, a committed staff, and an outdoor patio, Liberty House not only persevered but thrived, navigating the busiest summer in the café’s 4-year history. Sydney credits her exceptional team and loyal customers, whose lives and palates had been enriched by the café’s presence, and who offered their support in return. The sense of true community that was created has always been part of Sydney’s mission for Liberty House.

With their outdoor patio now warmed by a heated awning, Liberty House is ready for 2021. Sydney envisions a year that introduces evening hours, a beer and wine selection, and intimate events hosted in the garden, where she and David had their own rehearsal dinner. Until then, you can enjoy craft coffee drinks, a farmhouse skillet breakfast, or the best sourdough pancake ever flipped on a griddle - not to mention a Buchi (the house favorite is Sovereign)! Liberty House already considers you a neighbor and a friend, and they can’t wait to meet you - and feed you!

Location: 221 S. Liberty Street Asheville NC 28801


Instagram: @libertyhousecafe

Facebook: @libertyhousecafe

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