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April's Pink Moon Reflection

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What hopes are renewed in you with the new season?


As the days lengthen, the first wildflowers of spring bloom in secret spots. Boulders run with snowmelt, chilly to the touch and settled in their ancient seats. A gentle momentum begins to gather. The tender renewal of the earth takes hold, fresh grass rewarding winter’s patience blade by blade. The flush of the full moon reflects a scattering of shy pink buds. What hopes are renewed in you with the new season?


On the evening of the new moon, sit comfortably in a quiet place. Bring to mind something that you’re hoping for. Write your hope down on a slip of paper and then burn it carefully.


You were the rind,
And the white-juiced apple,
The song, and the words waiting for music.

- Louise Bogan, “Words for Departure”

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