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Make Kombucha at home—endlessly!

Pin on Pinterest Make Kombucha at home—endlessly!

Use your own regenerative powers to nourish yourself and those around you.


• A bottle of Buchi Kombucha

• Black tea

• Organic sugar

• A glass jar

• A cloth that will fit over the mouth of your jar

• A tie or rubber band to hold your cloth onto the mouth of your jar


The process of making kombucha is simple! Pour your bottle of kombucha into a jar, add tea, ferment and repeat! To help you on your journey of kombucha making check out our how-to videos which explain the process in more detail.

Got questions? Check out the FAQs.

We invite you not just to make your own kombucha, but to enjoy the sense of vitality that comes from sharing with others your fat, healthy SCOBYs and your one-of-a-kind brews.

If you’ve come alongside us on our journey toward deeper nourishment, then you know we see the process of fermentation as more than simple science. It’s a practice of patience, a regenerative act, and a way to nurture the well-being of those we love. At its heart, it’s transformation through devotion.

The practice of cultivation through fermentation has kept kombucha alive for as many as 2000 years. Its roots can reportedly be traced back to northeastern China, and, according to legend, the brew was offered as a gift to the Emperor of Japan by a Korean doctor named Kombu. It was then named in honor of the giver - kombucha. Thus began a legacy of nurture through sharing.

Over centuries, kombucha made its way along the trade route to Europe and beyond, eventually becoming part of a vibrant fermentation culture here in the mountain communities of Southern Appalachia. What began out of necessity - the preservation of food - became part of a tradition of shared wisdom. Many of us today continue to receive SCOBYs - the symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast that turn sugared tea into kombucha - from friends and neighbors. In offering us this living gift, they empower us to transform raw materials into a brew of astonishing richness, in both its flavors and its nutritional properties.

You may already know that kombucha is extraordinarily nutrient-dense, packed with beneficial bacteria and the antioxidants found in tea. Did you know that it is also teeming with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids? This is why kombucha supports gut health, a strong immune system, and decreased inflammation. But the power to cultivate doesn’t end with kombucha’s probiotic goodness. Healthy food is a human right, and sharing in rich food traditions empowers each of us to be a creative force in our own life.

This passing of live cultures from hand to hand and home to home is at the heart of the food sovereignty Buchi holds dear. That’s why we include simple DIY kombucha instructions on all our bottles - to inspire you to use your own regenerative powers to nourish yourself and those around you.

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