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May's Full Flower Moon Reflection

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What is your next step?


High spring arrives, unfurling its clear air. Skies open toward the sun. The beauty that accompanies change shows boldly in every bloom and bird, inviting us to join the profusion. In the freshness of spring we find a new sense of clarity, and our minds open. Bring each thought into the clear light. What is the best next step?


Sit comfortably in a quiet place at dusk. Light a candle. Spend a few moments in silence, letting your gaze rest on the flickering candlelight. Let your loved ones come to mind.


Remember how the crickets came
Out of their mother grass, like little kin,
In the pale nights, when your first imagery
Found inklings of your bond to all that dust.

- Wallace Stevens, “Le Monocle de Mon Oncle”

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