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Strawberries are the quintessential summer fruit, and our recipe for strawberry kombucha preserves will add a bright burst of flavor and tartness to your day.
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By purchasing bottles made primarily in NC and transporting them by truck, we’re projecting we’ll reduce our carbon emissions by 85% per year!
Buchi Life –
Our Environmental Purchasing Policy vets and validates the suppliers we work with – ensuring that we give preference to those that meet robust third-party social and environmental criteria.
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Traditionally called tibicos, water kefir grains originally appeared growing on the opuntia cactus plant in Mexico.


Sip back, close your eyes and imagine yourself on your own tropical island
Sweet with a balance of bitter and herbal notes, and just the right amount of bubbles!
What's your love language? Ours is crafting drinks to nourish and support from the inside out 💕
Break out your piñata, eat all the tacos, and whip up this sweet, tart Buchirita!